I've just got myself a new Toshiba Satellite 2450.
It has got a combo-drive bundled plus more stuffs.
I have questions about the softwares bundled with the notebook.
For example, there's a cd writer tool - Drag N Drop, is it alright if I replace it with Ahead Nero? Will it affect anything at all as of compatibility is concerned?

Another matter is that, if I'd like to get secondary hdd, must it be the Toshiba brand?
Thanks a lot.

I would uninstall Drag N Drop, restart the machine, then move on to install Nero.

And a secondary hard disk? Do you want internal or external? External will require you to have either a Firewire (not so hot) or a USB (2.0 preferred) connection to the laptop. As for a secondary internal disk, it honestly won't matter what brand, but you may want to make sure that if you do purchase one, the number of rpm's the disk has is important.

If you get a 5400 rpm unit, the disk will be relatively fast compared to a 4200 rpm unit. The 5400 rpm unit will also produce more heat, but will be faster...

Yes, what feigned said ;) Make sure that your drag 'n' drop utility is completely removed before you install Nero. Especially if you plan to use Nero's on-the-fly burner program (I forget what it's called - but the one that integrates with Microsoft Explorer).

Alright. Thanks a lot for your advices. :cool:

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