Hey there, i'm kinda new in here, but i was wondering if anyone might could help me with this problem:

When i start my computer everything seems to run as it should do, but theres no screen will show up at my pc monitor, iv tried nearly everything.
first i thought it was my motherboard that didn't work fully, since i'v tried to take everything out of my pc and "installede" it on my friends motherboard and everything seems to work as it should oh hes motherboard. So i bought a new Motherboard Asus Maximus Motherboard and a new CPU Intel Quad-Core 2,40 GHZ. But the same thing happens again, no screen will show up, not even on my NEW motherboard and cpu, its still just stays black.
I know it sound abit like a graphic card problem, but the card works fine on my friends pc.
So please if anyone have just a small idea what could be wrong, please help me. it really starting to getting on my nervs, since my job is a 3D Designer/Animator and i can't work without my computer........


Hi and Welcome Danielsan

I guess you mean theres no display.[giggles]
is there power on the monitor,is there like a orange light on you monitor.if there isnt any power than you must test your buddy's monitor.
Also read this post that will provide more steps that relates to your prob post #8