I have a problem I can't seem to fix... (and when that happens, I doubt anyone else can fix it...)

I have a Max IC Live 3600A video conferencing card hooked up to the S-Video on my TV. When using Windows default drivers, (and at boot) I get 16 colors. When I install the driver for it (I downloaded them off the Internet) I don't see any color on the screen. Also, (I assume this is related to the drivers) the display is off the left edge of the screen, with about an inch of space on the right. Before I hooked the TV up, I had a monitor connected, and that displayed correctly.

The motherboard in the computer is a PC Chips M598, with integrated video. I checked the BIOS settings, and there's no option to turn off.

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It's either bad driver or bad firmware. I can't get either, since the company is out of business. Sad, they really had something with this card.

29.97 fps (NTSC) in a 500 mHz machine with 96 MB of RAM... That's pretty sweet for capture.

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