When I try to start my wife's machine, power supply lights come on, fans run, but no video, no audio, no lights on the keyboard. Sounds like the hard drive starts ok. I have checked all connections and reset the CMOS. What should I try next? My wife is NOT a patient woman, and her temper is awesome. Thanks for any help!

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When you say you've checked connections, does this include the seat of the memory and the video card? or is the video integrated.

The monitor you're using is a tested working unit, correct?


Monitor is good, video is integrated. Will check memory tonight [thanks!]. Still wondering why no lights on the keyboard -- they used to flash during first part of boot, then Num Lock came on. No beep codes either.


Memory seemed to be in there tight, all latched up. Just for fun, I took both modules out and put them back in. Started right up! No further problems. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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