After I changed to a newer video card, shut down and started again my monitor has been dark, no display. RAM, processor, drive are all OK; the video card is in its slot and I have confirmed that all cards are firmly in their slots.
Does anybody have an idea of what I should try next?

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I have the same problem i tried everything maybe you should use it in another computer and if it doesn't work its the video card

Welcome moshtaba
-check if the card is compatible with your mobo
remove your card and reset your cmos (to longer you leave cmos out the better)
once thats done startup with previous GFX and check for new card compatibility

Hey David and moshtaba!
Couple of questions for you.
What is the model number of the graphics card that u r trying to use?
WHats the motherboard model number?
Have you tried disabling the onboard VGA through BIOS incase u have one before connecting the new graphics card?
Are you using any adapters to connect the monitor to the graphics card? Could u explain your setup?

I use a company video card to my PC. When I changing video card monitor doesnot display. Could you give some mored details about good one on Video cards. Give some information to solve this display problems.



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