hi all
i have a dell e193ep monitor with a white screen i have borrowed my son monitor can anyone tell me what this fault is and can it be repaired i know a little about electronics and could do the work myself possible.
thank for reading this.
regards pete

The fault: A lack of video signal reaching the LCD. The video signal is being recieved, but it is not being transferred to the LCD Panel. your backilights are fine, hence the white screen. I have nevefr repaired one of these, but my first action in this case, would be to inspect very closely all solder points on the logic board and the power board. Stay away from the inverter board and the control board and the laminated boards that attach to the LCD. They are working fine here. Dell is known for weak solder points. Use a 5X or stronger lense to inspect, and be very discriminating. Make sure your lighting is either Nonntime bright or as close to it as possible. Second, check for burn marks, burned composnents or melted components. Good luck.