I would say i'm decent at data recovery. I have recovered off many hard drives, SD cards and the likes. Sometimes with 100% recovery and other times with much lower varying results.

I have Several bad 500 gb SATA Drives. 2 seagates (is the maxtor trend still there) and a WD. Running Windows XP. 3ghz... 2gb ram.

These are NOT Boot drives. I run 100gb just for windows to avoid those problems. All hard drives worked for awhile and then stopped showing up in windows, the 3 mentioned are only months old.

I can plug the hard drives directly into the motherboard, or via an extra PCI SATA card, or a USB Sata adapter.
#1) which is best to use for data recovery, or does it matter.

I have a 500gb seagate that wont show up in windows but 'Power Data Recovery' and other programs show it as 2048gb. (im assuming thats a default max value???)
So scanning it will take and estimated "9316 HOURS".
R-STUDIO is faster, but crashes with this drive, and takes 15minutes to load on an idle system.

#2) Is there better software you would recommend?

I can plug the drive via the USB -> Sata connector into a Vista laptop if that makes any difference. but its all NTFS so i don't see a reason.

i am switching to RAID1 to avoid future problems. But i need this data back.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I have recently lost my data from my computer due to the virus attack. I have used Stellar Phoenix data recovery software to recover all my data.This software is very easy to use and provides good recovery solution.You can try this software it will help you to recover all your data.Firstly download the software demo version from the site
In demo version software completely scans your hard drive and you will be able to see the preview of your recoverable file.After getting desired results download the full version to complete your recovery.

Hope this will help you.

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