Hello, today I had my old toshiba a65 laptop sitting on my bed, turned on with the screen saver on, when i went outside to set up for my party. When I came back inside I had just gotten my 1 GB ram chip in the mail and i was ready to install it when i noticed that it wasnt truned on anymore. So I moved the mouse, hit the power button, held it in and nothing happened. The battery is almost brand new but it has been sitting dormant for 6-12 months I would say. I am afraid that it might be the motherboard because i have tried taking that battery out and only useing the AC power, only the batter and nothing has worked. the LED lights on the front that are normally on when it is either off and being charged or just on, arent on. I have been using this laptop on and off for about a month just to make sure it works and it has always been fine. Thanks -Matt

What do you mean by stuffed?

By stuffed they mean that is is toast, that may not be the case. I you have a Voltmeter, set it to the DC scale and see if you have any output from the power adapter. Are you sure that the adapter is plugged in properly at the wall as well as the laptop?

The adapter has a green light that i on when it has power and its on so im pretty sure that it is good. It worked when i walked away from my laptop and nothin touched it when i was gone so im almost positive that the adaprer is okay.

If it was sitting on a bed then it may have overheated.

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