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what would be the best socket A motherboard to get. I need a good gaming motherboard

Anything with an nForce2 chipset.

Epox 8RDA3+ would be my choice. I have an 8RDA+, which is just an "older" version of the 3+. It's a great board.

I've heard the DFI LanParty is a decent one as well.

www.newegg.com would have the best prices on those boards.

Couple one of those boards with a Barton core 2500+, overclock it to 2.2GHz, and you'll have a screaming machine.


in my opinion i like abit motherboards the good and stable and they are good for gaming i owned alot abit motherboards and they give you more upgrade ability


I'm an Asus fan. I used to run an AMD Athlon XP off of a Gigabit motherboard. It was okay I guess - never any big problems with it. But I really love my Asus.


this gigabyte motherboard is just holding me over until i save enough money to get me another abit motherboard
asus motherboard are alright but the have bio driver problems if they can fix the problems with the bios drivers then they would be up there


lol. i had a abit kr7a 133 raid motherboard it only had 4x agp and i have a 8x agp video card and i got this motherboard for a decent price and i found out that decent price it only give's you headache's i wish i would saved more money and got another abit

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