I need some help with this motherboard.

- The bios do not detect my 2 SATA disk drive. I try all the setting in the bios, but I still got NONE in the detection section of the boot. I try to boot in SATA Only mode and in Enhanced mode. In enhanced mode my 2 CD are detected but not my 2 SATA drive. (Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120G)

At the boot, the bios display : "Memory frequency for DDR333", but I have 2X512 M of DDR400 memory! I try to change the TURBO mode setting from AUTO to ENABLE, but when I restard, the computer do not boot anymore. I got tu reset the bios! Why?

Can someone help me please?

The motherboard is a Shuttle AB60R?? I've never heard of this. Perhaps you could send us a link to the motherboard specs? Are you sure your motherboard supports DDR400 RAM, SATA hdds?

I don't use SATA hdds, but I use a SATA raid card and SATA-->IDE conveters. And boy oh boy did I have a hard time getting my computer to detect them at first!

Also, what processor is this sweet computer for?

While you're trying to get the MB up and running don't concern yourself with the speed of the memory....

I've never used a SATA drive but considering that you can't seem to get them recongnized at boot you may want to check to see if there's a newer BIOS available for your board. If there is, update the MB and try again. Also, if I'm reading you correctly you are trying to install two SATA drives...try to get one recognized first before you try to get two. And if you are trying to get two recognized in a RAID configuration, maybe you haven't set the BIOS to look for RAID.

Hope this helps...at least a little.