im trying to delete stuff an it always says make sure it aint write protected what does that mean an how can i erase it?

and whats a vids: xvid decompressor?

reboot computer in safe mode and try deleting the file/files

i don't know if this will help you but when i get that protection i reboot my computer and it works maybe this helps.

The error "Cannot delete file. Make sure the file is not in use and it's not write protected." That the one you're talking about? It happens when you're trying to delete a file that a program you're currently using (or even the operating system) is using, itself.

I REALLY NEED HELP whats a divx?


What is DivX?
DivX is the name of a revolutionary new video codec which is based on the new MPEG-4 compression standard for video. When you install a video codec on your system it basically works as an add-on to your system with instructions how to compress/decompress video in that video format. Once you've installed the DivX codec on your system you will be able to play DivX movies using Windows Media Player or any other DivX-enabled player.

Despite the fact that DivX movies offer better compression and higher quality video then regular MPEG movies they take less time to encode due to the incredible compression technology. The DivX codec makes it possible to compress/encode a full-length movie at near DVD-quality that's small enough to fit on a single CD (700MB). The DivX video is usually combined with MP3 audio to produce both high quality video and audio.

Goto the DivX codec section to download and install the codec.

do i need the player to veiw movies or just the codec??

No but get it anyway :)read my last post more carefuly it tell you .

i have a very annoying problem i tryed to download college alarm clock an i had to open it with something so i chose windows media 9 that wasnt to smart cuz it dont support it but its getting me pissed i cant open it with nething else everytime i try to download ne other alarm clock it opens with media it wont let me choose nething else i really need help with this . what can i do?????

ok ,if you got the same one i just found in a google search,it has a .zip file exrension and you will need winzip or some other zip program i reccomend winzip ,get the evaluation version here and install it then do this ,
right click on the file and choose open with and choose winzip.
Also i'de just like to mention that this the hardware section and you problems are software issues .Maybe this could all be moved there !!