Please please help!

I recently installed a new socket 478 motherboard in my 2ghz P4. Everything went well until i tried to install a video card. Then the pc wouldn't recognise the hard drive. I figured this was the psu and got a new one but computer wouldn't work with the new psu and video card. I then put the old psu back in the pc and it booted up to windows but shut itself down. I have taken the video card out but now the computer won't start at all. when you turn it on the fans and lights start for a few seconds but then it shuts itself down. i can't plug in the internal speaker as it is not compatible with my new motherboard so i can't diagnose anything from beeps on start up.

Cheers Kate

Fisrt make sure all youre components are compatible with your mobo. Within regards to you CPU make sure it has enough greese on it. If all is in tact then swop around youre RAM one at a time and in different slots. After doing all the above with nno avail remove your cmos and keep it out for a couple of minutes,replace and see if theres any changes

Thanks for the reply!

Mixed news!

I found out why the pc keeps shutting itself down. The old power switch wasn't compatible with the new motherboard so i had to by a new switch. The new switch was sticking everytime i turned it on. Phew!

HOWEVER; i still have a problem. When the pc is switched on the fans start spinning and the drive lights come on but it doesn't POST. The monitor receives no signal the there are only brief lights to the keyboard.

This has happened before when i tried to add an extra dvd drive to the new motherboard. i fixed it by removing the cmos battery for several hours and removing the additional drive. The PC then booted normally.

As i said before in my previous post if i try to add a graphics card the pc then won't recognise the hard drive. It POSTs but then can't locate the hard drive to boot into windows.

I've found that removing the cmos for several hours fixes these problems but it means i can upgrade my pc at all. Any suggestions? I still think it is the power supply. i'm guessing the new moterboard, asrock socket 478, is using a lot more power than the old one and the psu can't power and addtional components.

in actuall fact I have a 478 socket and believe it or not I have a 350 watt Power Supply. yes that works and as far as I know it supplies power for all my componants. whats your psu wattage though


Not much at all.

see if you can find psu with aminimum of 350 wattage. you may be right after all, I didnt realise youre psu's output was that little.

my gateway computer is keep shutting off randomly and restarting.i formatted the hard disc but still it has the same problem.please help what could be the reason?

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