I am little bit confused. I have intel 845 chipset mother board which has two slots in it. I want to upgrade my ram. I found that in my mother board ram is DDR and in market DDR2 ram are there which are cheap and easily available. Only thing confusing is that Can I use DDR 2 Ram With my Intel 845 Chipset. If any one knows about it please reply me. Thankx In Advance. :)

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youre welcome
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If the Chipset is set for DDR (DDR1) than DDR wont work,it wont key in to fit. DDR1 is more expensive cos the older the product is the more expensive it becomes, specially when it comes to pc's technology.
DDR2 wont fit on you 845 mobo. when buying RAM also check for the highest speed that your chipset supports witch in youre case is pc133,or you can go with pc100.

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Thnx for reply I think you have provided me needed information

Thnks for your reply but how can i test that my chipset is set for DDR1. Is it possible that It is set for DDR2 also or chipset 845 is old to support DDR2. :)


DRR/DDR2/DDR3 is the physical and logical architecture meaning to begin with physically it wont fit into the slot. youre board might not neccesseraly be old but just older than the DDR2 architecture

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