booted up my PC yesterday to find a unwanted BSOD.
as the title says, that is what i get. UNMOUNTED_BOOT_VOLUME.
i've had this before, and i know how to fix it. Run the XP Boot disk, chkdisk /r blah blah etc, only problem this time is i can't find the correct disk.
its a aries pc with windows XP, i don't know its specs. its lived long and hard, and runs some heavy games (world of warcraft for example). the disk i used (called system recovery) was the only one i found in the place i keep them all which isn't related to ATI, speakers, printer etc.
i think its either...
A) the wrong disk
B) i'm pressing the wrong button on startup (I pressed F10 with out the disk in the drive and the wrong thing came up.
or is there another way to fix this without messing up my programs/installs?
i am posting this on my Wii.
thanks all,

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Without a XP install disc not recovery you won't be able to get to recovery console.

i noticed a disk missing, i'll see if i can find it.

hello Saintrave02
here are instructions for if you do or if you don't have your XP CD
Your boot.ini file is most likely at fault.
If you have your XP System Disk, use it to boot, when the Welcome to set-up screen comes up, press the letter R, which will bring the DOS prompt up. Type: chkdsk /p exactly as it is written and press enter.
When the check finishes, Type: fixboot and press enter then press: Y (for yes) and enter at the prompt
Then type exit and hit enter
The system will now reboot into Windows
If this doesn’t work, boot to the recovery console like above and as before Type: chkdsk /r then press enter
when its finished Type: exit and press enter.
it is a longer process, but should get you into Windows
If you haven’t got the XP CD. You can download the Windows XP boot disk and use it instead of the XP CD.
This Win XP boot disk takes 6 floppy disks.
You can get this from here:
An error can sometimes occur where it will ask for the location of autochk.exe The correct location of this file is C:\WINDOWS\system32 and you can download it from the same download page already mentioned. You don't need to do this but it might help if your having problems

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If all else fails slave your'e drive in another machine and do a chkdsk in windows on oyu're disk


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