well i had this idea! :idea: and it was to see if i could hook my laptop to a tower and run that computer of my laptop's screen.. keyboard.. and such if i chose to. i have a idm t22 laptop... its good but the graphic card blows... :rolleyes: but i was thinking... why pay 1000 for a good one and have trouble selling mine for much when i could just buy a nice tower... and thats all. ? is it possible?

You can use something like ThightVNC to control your Tower PC from your laptop, but if you want to use the ressources of your tower with your laptop, then you would need a server OS. At least as far as I know.

Or maybe you could explain a bit more detailled what you want to do.


Theoretically it could work, but you'd have to know a S**t-ton about how your laptop's lcd screen, keyboard, etc. work so you could do that. Otherwise, they have software and such that can help you. But if you're looking for an easy solution to making your computer better, the best thing to do is to get money, back-up all your data, sell your current systems, and buy a new one.

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