I am about to replace my old SCSI drives with 3 new SCSI drives. I have a ghost image of my C drive.

how do I go about configuring my new HDD, and installing the Ghost image from scratch - do I have to fdisk, and make primary partitions etc?

Any suggestions and directions to relevant sites are vey much appreciated.


For what is basically a new install, yes, fdisk then format, that way the drive (short of a virus, etc.) is deemed clean. proceed from there.

You can format and assign drive letters in a graphical way (kinda like partitionmagic) from (on win xp) control panel -> admin tools -> computer management -> disk management

I would do partitioning makes it eaisier to scan for viruses a bit faster and more organized.

You can do all the paritioning through disk managemment like i said.

thanks guys


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