This is my dads laptop so i dont know what the specs on it are.

He closed the lid to it to send it into standby and didnt use it for about two days. When he opened it back up it was frozen on the other users are logged on are you sure you want to shut down. He manually turned it off and now when he turned it back on the fan ran for one or two seconds and then shut off but now the fan doesnt run at all. The green power light stays on and i still have power to the cdrom. It also doesnt run POST and the screen stays black.

Im totally stumped on this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try removing the battery and AC power for about 10-15 mintes, then plug the AC power back in. Can you boot in that scenario?

how old is it? I had an old laptop that overheated, and i just let it cool for a while and it booted up fine. if it feels really hot (especially if it is old) this could very well be the case

i removed the battery and ac power for about 15 minutes replaced and it did the same thing.

the laptop is less than a year old.

try running it with the ac power unplugged. mine is doing the same and i am trying to find out why the ac power is blacking out my screen. let me know if you find out anything

i had one like that last week ,and it was the motherboard gone bad .