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after burning an iso image of a game on my NEC 3550A dvd burner, The drive itself can not read the content. the indication is that there is nothing in the drive. on the other hand, inserting it into an old dvd drive (not burner) brought it up corectly and even enabled the installation of that game.
please advise


What software did you use to burn the game?

not sure, could have been roxio 8 or cd burner xp pro or clone dvd

Well If you're using those programs I assume you know about copy protection etc.Try a virtual drive and that will tell you if the problem is the ISO or the hardware

I personally use Alcohol 120%.You can get a free trial at their website and I would give that a shot as it hasn't failed me yet.

I had a look at your burner and it looks like it doesn't support Multi-Session or Packet Writing.There's a lot of features you need in a burner to write and read sub channel data etc.Personally I use a "Emprex DVD Dual 16x Double Layer Internal DVD±R/RW Drive" and it works for everything,plus it's cheap.

If the problem is you're hardware and you want to make a backup of a protected game here's a way to get around it,assuming you can read sub-channel but not write it:

1.Use you're software to make an iso,my personal preference is Alcohol 120% to burn and ClonyXXL to ID the protection
2.Save the ISO to an external hard drive,dvd,anything it will fit on

If you find that you're game disc breaks or is lost then here's how to re-install and play-

1.Transfer the ISO back onto the hard drive
2.Mount on Virtual drive(Alcohol has one built in or use Daemon Tools)
3.Install from the virtual cd drive
4.Go to and look for a no dvd/cd patch.Follow instructions to install.

I hope this helps.
I assumed you already knew quite a lot about game copying so if you've any questions or need something simplified fire away

you do know you cant just burn the iso as a file right?
youve got to burn it specially as an image

I would assume he is aware of that, seeing as how the disk 'works fine' on an older DVD drive. My assumption is that it was either 1. burned in the wrong format, 2. wasn't finalized, or 3. The DVD Read lasers inside the drive are not functioning correctly.

3 seems like the most likely seeing as how he can burn with it, but can't read it.

Does the DVD drive read other DVD's?

is it an old drive?

ii have an old (laptop) dvd drive and it doesnt like reading DVDRW's but does everything else OK

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