I have an HP desktop pc , a1640n media center addition with an Intel 1.86ghz dual core cpu . I would like to upgrade my cpu to the fastest one supported by my motherboard . I know that my front side bus will run at 533 mhz , 800 mhz or 1066 mhz . Can anyone give me the dual core cpu number of the fastest one my motherboard supports ? thanks .


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These are the CPUs that are supported by that motherboard.

* Intel Core Duo E6x00 with Dual Core technology
* Pentium D 9xx series Dual Core
* Pentium D 8xx series
* Pentium 4 6x1 series
* Pentium 4 6xx series
* Pentium 4 5xx series
* Pentium 4 LGA-775

as the person above me said, those are your options, but, a bios update may be necessary. if it fails, ur pc is screwed. i don't personally recommend upgrading an oem pc, but if u can do it, congrats.

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