ok so for awhile now, whenever i try to print something... the print job either freezes and i have to restart my computer, or the computer just automatically restarts once the print job starts to print. on occasion the printer will print one page, and then when the another page starts to print it'll freeze or restart. i've tried asking the manufacturer what the problem is but they dont help AT ALL... i've tried uninstalling the printer and reinstalling it and that doesnt work either. does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

OS: windows 98 SE

my computer is a Compaq, yes i know it sucks u dont gotta tell me :evil:

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"...ok so for awhile now, whenever i try to print something..."

Did you do anything to your system just before this problem showed up? Add any software, add any new peripherals (printer, DVD or CD-ROM drives, scanners, etc...)? Did you download and install any updates to your operating system or drivers? Something must have changed to make this problem surface. Or...you could be experiencing a hardware failure.


check your printer drivers with the system, have you checked for viruses in your computer. May be the virus has removed some dll files or some files related to the printers. Either you format the computer reload the o/s than the printer drivers and you are all set to use.

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