I recently purchased a Reclusa keyboard and installed the keyboard with the latest drivers from razersupport.com (v1.02). The keyboard works fine but as soon as I reboot the PC it won't go past the memtest, I am forced to plug in my old keyboard (PS/2) in and reboot. This then allows Vista to boot fine.

I've tried the following:

1. Uninstalling the Reclusa driver and software and reinstalling via the web (v1.02)

2. Uninstalling the Reclusa driver and software and reinstalling via the provided CD

3. Uninstalling the Reclusa driver and software and reinstalling via the CD and updating via the web (v1.02)

4. Disabling "Removable Device" as an option in Boot Priority (BIOS)

5. Disabling "USB Legacy Support" in BIOS

6. Allowing Microsoft to detect the driver needed after uninstalling and configure it itself

But nothing works, my PC won't boot with the Reclusa installed - it's a little frustrating having to boot with an old keyboard and then connecting the Reclusa and disconnecting the old one once i'm at the log-in page or in Vista.

If anyone could help i'd appreciate it.


Experiencing the same problem with the same hardware, any solution in sight?


I've been in touch with the Supplier and their tech support - they said send it back but that's ridiculous because it's not broken.

Asus have a tech support query logged from me and i'm waiting to here back.

Razer told me to speak to Microsoft.

Microsoft want £46 for the pleasure.

I've asked on countless forums and numerous people, no one can come up with a solution.

Hopefully it's something Asus can sort out with the mobo, considering it doesn't get past POST I think the problem does lie with them.

Nearest bit of help I can find: http://www.driverheaven.net/hardware-discussion-support/151751-new-custom-pc-won-t-boot.html

thx for the update, keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get some good answers soon.

hello, any news about this topic?

Asus came back to me, it appears to be a problem with my BIOS revision. I need to update it to the newer version but realistically I can't be doing with the hassle. So far, I'm making it by using my PS2 keyboard on boot and a USB connected after boot.

My BIOS revision was 1303 IIRC, and the latest version is 1503, the lady from ASUS wouldn't confirm however that the newer version included a KNOWN fix for this issue, I was therefore sceptical on changing if there was no need.

I'd be interested to know about your Mobo/BIOS version?

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