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not a pci slot..
that wont do anything..

dont know the make or model of the board or the ram.. dont know how many slots or how many are used.. SODIMM DIMM SDRAM DRAM ECC NONPARITY PARITY what is the bus speed? what is currently in the machine.. I would look up a serial number and find out

remember a 33mhz 9ns chip + a 33mhz 60ns chip runs at 60ns; as fast as the slowest
Endian. what are the specs for the chip you got? is it compatible?
a random chip off the shelf just doesnt cut it 9/10 times..


I'm 99% sure you have a system that uses SD-RAM.

I'm 75% sure you can just buy a decent brand-name stick of PC-133 SD-RAM and put it in.

I'm 90% sure that your system will take single sided sticks (the RAM chips are only on one side) up to 128Mb.

But to be 100% sure about everything, it would be best to know what motherboard you have there!

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