i have a plextor 121032A which used to work fine, but a few weeks ago the computer had a nervous breakdown and when i got it running again i could no longer write to a cd from windows explorer, it can still write cds it's just windows itself that can't handle the cd writing

i've done searches for how to fix it and i've read about a hotfix that needs to be uninstalled and re-installed to get it running again, i just don't know where it is and what it's called

any help would be good

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Uninstall your CD burning software. Then use device manager (Right click My Computer, then choose Hardware -> Device Manager) select your optical drive(s) and choose Uninstall for those. Reboot your system, let the drives be reinstalled by windows, and then reinstall your CD burning software.

Let us know if you have success or if there are remaining problems please.

still no joy

What CD burning software are you using, please? Make sure you include ALL programs. (It's usually conflicts from multiple programs that cause this, but not always)

the only cd writing software i have installed is plextools, and i only downloaded that because xp stopped playing ball

i uninstalled it when i uninstalled the drive

Just to say I had the same problem on XP and my Roxio/Adaptec CD Creator :( had set the following keys:

NoCDBurning to 1 instead of 0

Set it back to 0 and Explorer would burn again.

Hope this helps and is all that it is on your system. :)

Just noticed the huge gap in time from the original post, oops. :o
Well it may help somebody coming here from a search engine. :cheesy:

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