I'm having trouble getting a brand new, bare bones Intel D845GVAD2 board to boot. Have tried 2 different power supplies (atx12v compliant) & 2 cpu's - (2 x Celeron 2.2 ghz, 400mhz).
Currently, with second new 500w supply, power supply fan won't even turn on when connected to board. It does when connected to old eMachine IM845GL board.
It occurred to me to check the battery on the new intel board, as reported shelf life is 3 years, and the board may be older than that. I read 3.00v on a new batter in the old board, and 2.85v on the battery that came with the new intel board. Could that be the reason the board is not booting?

could be ram,remove ram and see if it turns on

Unfortunately video is 'on board' & needs ram. Don't have any addition ram. Did try each individually, one at a time - no difference. btw Changing CMOS battery to new did not have any effect. So I'm at a loss for possibilities, unless someone else has some. (No pci video card available either.)

Thanks for the info on first boot screen vs memory. I have in fact tried without any memory installed, and began working with the board on the bench sans case. vom shows power sw momentary spst working properly. Already have the manual printed out, but thanks. Nothing in it helps, unfortunately. // Interestingly (?) with previous power supply & old board, with at least the fans running, It read 10.7v & 4.25v at one of the 4 pin drive plugs. This new new power supply, under the same conditions, reads 11.04v & 3.8v. This doesn't seem acceptable. In fact, I returned that last supply because voltage was low. (voltages are with old board as new intel board will not even allow power supply fan to come on. Origional supply, not connected to anything, reads (for about 1 second until it shuts down) 4.98v & 11.59 & rising. So unless it had a current problem, looks like original supply was not a problem. / Reinstalled origional supply. It will turn on for about 10 seconds (no screen display, then shuts down. Power led strobes on/off continuously. Actually, does not consistently turn on or off. Very odd, inconsistent behavior. Any additional ideas?

Any additional ideas?

nope ,when i get to this point with boards i buy that are new/used ,older boards ,i just toss them in the corner and call it a day!

You could use a beeper in this situation. It might give you a hint of what's wrong.

Hi, this is my first post in this forum. Just registered. Read your post with interest. There is another way to check you power supply to see if it will start.
First: Disconnedt ALL cables from mb and all equipment. Get a 12 volt tail light bulb, connect to the 12 volt rail. Yellow & Black , (Will not start without a load!) Next, turn on power. Use a small jumper and short the green wire on the mb connector to any other black wire in the plug. (CAUTION, SHORT ONLY THE GREEN WIRE, OTHERS WILL CAUSE DAMAGE!). This should start the power supply and light the bulb. If this works, measure voltage on the 12 volt rails. Also if you can find one, put a 6 volt bulb on the 5 volt red / black wires. check for proper voltage. If all is well, you have mb or equipment problems.
Next: To find the possible problem, Turn off all the power you had on measureing etc. Re connect just the mb plug. Try to start. If it don't start, probably mb problems, check for shorts UNDER MB AND SCREWS TOO TIGHT ETC. If it starts, stop and continue one connector at a time and just possibly you may find the one which caused it not to start and then can investigate why if desired or just replace problem unit.
This method has saved me quite a bit of headaches finding a faulty piece of equipment or shorted wire, plug etc.
Good luck, hope this will work for you.