Hello Again

Well as of this morning I have found that the error ( 437 ) fail to close file to export. Now what i'm trying to find out is there a way to stop the progam before it try's to export ? I think the if I can stop it at that point I have a chance to load a export file to finsh the job. If you have any idea that it will work please let me know. I'm still learning by trail and error Lol. Looking forward to hearring back from the Daniweb members on this.

Enjoy your sunday everyone.

Hey there
Can you give more detail please. Like what program/file is giving you this error? When does it happen? etc

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Yes this happens when I'm trying to recover the OS Its a toshiba 1805 satellite. I was getting ready to sell it and wanted to clean everything out of it so I diced to reinstall the OS. It allready reformated the hard drive and it gets to the end of the first cd then the first window comes up with can't read file then its comes up with application error 437 then its says to call toshiba. There 800 number is about as much help as taking it to a auto mechanic Lol.

So I'm trying to figure out if I can stop it just before the very end ? If you have any idea it would help so much.
I'm pulling my hair over this and don't want to be bald Lol

I did find out the it is a export problem with XP and a very very be issue with toshiba. Its in the software revovery cd's.

There is a known issue with toshiba recovery discs.
They should replace them free.

Well than I guess there you have it