Hi all, this is my first post as a new member & will be gratefull for any help. My problem is, i have a Dell D600 that is boot shy, when i power on it will display the power light for about 10 seconds then die, every now & then it will post & boot to Windows only to freeze after about 2 minutes, but more often than not it wont even post. I have opened it up but cannot see any signs of physical damage, i have changed the cmos battery, the laptop battery on it is a good battery displaying 5 lights, the charger is also good. What i have noticed & i don`t know if this is normal or not, but when i boot & it does fire up the CPU fan does not spin. Has anybody had this problem & been able to sole it ? thanks in advance for any help.

As an update to the above question i have more info, if i remove the ram & re seat it then it will boot, (i have changed ram several times) so this allowed me in to cmos, after changing the date & time due to RTC battery change the laptop locked up, i decided to leave it on to see if the fan spun after reaching temprature & it does, cooling the heatsink enough to allow me to put the back of my fingers on it. So up till now i have changed the ram, the hard drive, the cd rom, the RTC battery, the laptop battery & the charger, would i be correct in thinking it is more than likely a mobo fault ???

it could be but I'd make one last attempt by re-seating every cable and card in the box and blowing all possible dust out. Even the smallest mote of dust in the wrong place can wreak havoc...

Same problem here. Boots until a charger is installed is the only difference. I can run diagnostics from floppy if charger is not installed. Did you ever resolve your issue?