Thanks in advance for any help...

I have an HP DV2000 laptop, the screen likes to start flashing, scrambling and usually goes black. The laptop is still running, but the screen won't come back on. This also happens to the external monitor. I have tried reinstalling drivers, even different version of them. When this does happen there is no set amount of time. Sometimes it can be used for hours, others it only will work for a few minutes. I didn't know if I could post pictures of the screen here, so I am going to link them in.

Screen Shots:
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2

I am assuming that it needs a new mainboard, but would like to be sure before paying for it (they don't come cheap).

Thank You!

How old is your laptop? It's possible that the ribbon cable from the screen to the main board could be getting bad from wear-and-tear. If you have a VGA port, can you connect a CRT monitor to it and try to see if you get images?

the more information: