My friend has just bought an Asus K52JC laptop. This laptop contains an onboard Intel video card and a NVIDIA 310 graphics card; it runs with Windows 7, 64 and has 4 Gb Ram.

He wanted to use only the NVIDIA card, for gaming purposes. So, I went in the Device Manager module, disabled the Intel Graphics card and went into the GeGorce graphics's card Properties's to see if it was activated and working fine. It was. I then rebooted and upon opening up, the system installed a VGA driver, even though the presence of the Geforce card. I disabled the VGA card, rebooted, went into the BIOS and looked for the Video settings...

None appeared, except for a setting which offered a choice between soemething like Video native with Vista/Windows 7 and the option "Reserved". I chose the last option, saved and booted. Back in the Device Manager, I noticed the GeForce card was not showing, but the VGA card did... I went back to the BIOS, resetted it to it's original video settings, returned to the Device Manager and now saw the VGA card alongside the GeForce card. This time I uninstalled the VGA card, rebooted and saw that the Intel Graphics Card had reappeared, alongside the GeForce card. Both are running without conflicts.

When looking into the System Performance Module, I can see that the computer's performance has gone back to its original rating, which is 4,3.

I really do not know what else to do... My questions are: How can I make sure, when I am gaming, that the GeForce is the video card being used (me friend will love the answer...)? Can I open up the back of the laptop and reseat the video card as I would do with a Desktop, to solve this issue? Will this suffice? Praying for some help and a real good advice.

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hi ,never heard of a laptop with 2 video devices ,and don't think you have one ,think you are maybe confusing chip set[yours has Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset] and video device chipset ,a google search reveals the laptop has NVIDIA® GeForce® 310M,i would go to asus website and get the latest drivers for NVIDIA® GeForce® 310M, and reinstall it and leave it alone the laptop will use this device for both games and regular computing

Hi Caperjack,

You are right, these are indeed chipsets! Sorry about this confusion... After I had posted, I went to Asus & downloaded the latest driver. Afterward, I updated the DirectX (the Gamer package), tested it O.k. My friend had been complaining about the quality of the images, the fluidity of the game he was playing, the lagging and all... I'll have to know more on chipsets. Me friend has his laptop back since yesterday. Have not heard of him today. He was supposed to play Starcraft II all night... Thank you for answering Caperjack, I appreciate! This solves my issue.

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