I have had two 512 sticks running in my system at 400mhz...

Recently I've come across two 1gig sticks running at 266mhz...

I have windows XP and an alienware Area-51 computer...

Which combination would be best? And in which order should I install the RAM?

Is having two different speeds of RAM bad?

Thanks in advance!

Anybody wanna help me?! please?

You memory can only run at one speed uniformly. You can put those 1 gb sticks in your system, but your mem speed is dropping 144mhz, if your running games and such the higher speed memory will benefit from that 144mhz. If your just running things that are memory hogs, such as video editing, database, graphics editing, utilities, etc, then you would probably benefit from the extra memory.

Thank you IMMENSELY!

Also, if you install mem modules of diff speeds, both the modules will run at the speed of the slower module.

Also bare in mind that you can not install memory of the different speeds on one channel. it should be plugged in this order (looking at the mobo):
512 Mb - 1 Gb - 512 Mb - 1 Gb
(a1) (a2) (b1) (b2)


1 Gb - 512 Mb - 1 Gb - 512 Mb

Anyway, that would be correct order on my mobo (A8N Sli).

Thanks for all your help everyone... Everything seems to be running smoothly ( a heck of a lot faster than it used to! )

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