I am about to trade off my PC aka "Virus Magnet" and join the ranks of the "better informed". My choice of machine, as a confirmed gizmo junkie is the PowerBook w. 17" monitor.

A good choice for a start-up guy or?

How does one able to order via the Mac Educational service?


RB :rolleyes:

mmm, well I will never recomend a laptop to someone starting with PC's in general.
However any mac will be a good choice, there should be an educational link on the side of the page, you might need to contact mac to make sure you qualify or you school is in their database.

PC's arnt virus magnets, P2P programs are

running my 4 pc;s over the last 5 years I've had all of 2 or 3 viruses, mostly from P2P networks when i was downloading things i shouldnt be ;)


I would love to be in your position to go out and get the 17" laptop. Just be aware that with it's larger size, finding a proper laptop bag could be an issue. But I would love to have the screen and the power, and the ability to run OS X in that quick and loving environment.

My laptop is a 2000 Powerbook G3 @ 333 MHz.

What do you plan on doing with the PC? If you are going to keep the hardware around, give Linux a run! Try Fedora Core 3 or perhaps SuSE.

You might also be looking for software to start out with your Mac. If you want some free, or low-cost software, consider Open Office (it is not Aquaized yet, so it will feel strange, but it works!), Ragtime (Desktop Publishing), MacGIMP (limited to 256 colors, but lots of photo editing capabilities), Mozilla Firebird, Retrospect (tape / DVD backup software).

For games, I love playing Spaceward Ho!

As for educational discounts, check with your college (Iowa State had their own Apple department) and/or with Apple directly.

If you have questions, come find us.