hi well il start from the begining,i brought a cd burner about 1 month ago since i got that put in i couldnt use the dvd rom i had to use the cd burner for everything since then i can't watch dvd's on my comp but could copy and burn music anyway the other day i updated real player i put a cd in and a box come up saying something like i had to change something maybe the drivers i dont remember,since i clicked yes now my cd burner dosnt work it wont play i cant burn nothing but my dvd rom will play on windows media player because i uninstall real player so i use media player but its reading it but the songs play for a sec and skips to next song really fast it keeps doing it till it finishes the list so what i want is my cd burner back and working properly iv tryed a few things like uninstalling and reinstalling my cd burner and dvd rom but that didnt work i rebooted and i restored the comp to another day like 1 week but that didnt work please someone help me to me it sounds like real player swaped the drivers around cause my dvd rom shouldnt be working it is but not properly and still cant watch dvd's please a person in need here help me......someone... :(

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Easiest way to solve this:

1. Download the drivers for BOTH drives.
2. Go to Control Panel >> System >> Hardware Tab >> Device Manager
3. Select your first drive and uninstall it.
4. Select your second drive and uninstall it.
5. Shutdown
6. Check to ensure that one of your drives has its jumper settings as master and the second has its jumper to slave (if they're on the same IDE cable).
7. Unplug one of your drives. Keep the other plugged in.
8. Boot up, allow the drive to detect, install, and IF IT ASKS...use the drivers you downloaded. Otherwise, allow windows to install it. Don't install the drivers unless it asks.
9. Test the drive...make sure it works.
10. Shutdown the computer.
11. Plugin the second drive.
12. Repeat #8 and #9
13. Everything should be good after doing these steps. If not, it's possible that there is a bad drive or a BIOS setting getting in the way of things...you'll have to approach it from that direction if so.

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