I have a computer of a friend where there is no video when it starts up. He thinks that it has a virus on it but I am not able to see as I get no video capability on any of my monitors. I have reset the cmos by changing the jumper on the motherboard but with no success. I removed the ram to get a beep code but it produced no beep of any kind. I have cleaned out the dust that was found in the computer and that has not helped. I tried starting the computer with a Knoppix bootable CD but got no response. I tried bypassing the integrated video chip on the motherboard with a pci video card but with no response. I think that the cpu is fried but I am not sure as I do not have another one to replace it. Is there a way to test the cpu as it is? Thank you for your help on this. Please email me at <snipped> with any solution and comments.

sounds like a dead PSU, motherboard or CPU. Please keep it on site though, warned.

the bootable linux disk was a good check of cpu , I assume you got some power if the cdrom drive works

Yes I seem to be getting power to the cd rom and all fans in the pc. That seems to be all though

Yes I seem to be getting power to the cd rom and all fans in the pc. That seems to be all though

ok,sounds like a failing power supply ,not enough just to go all the way .

I took out the cmos battery for about 5 hours and then put it back in. I got the computer to start up with video. The video image edges were all shaky like a oat leaf edge. I tried to correct this issue but with no luck. After restarting the computer the video would not come through again to the monitor. Do you still think that the psu is the area that I need to concentrate on?

yes and no,it could be psu getting bad ,make sure the cpu's heatsinc and fan are on correctly ,make sure there is thermal past on the cpu !

Ever time I remove all power to the computer and motherboard I can then get a video response through the monitor. I put in a pci ATI video card in and then got a perfect picture. I turned the computer off and retired it but then got no video response again. Could it still be a psu issue or a short on the motherboard primarily at the video chip?

Thanks for the help

The onboard video chip on the motherboard is just dead. Just ise the ATI one instead.

i turned the computer off and retired it

what does that mean !
When i retired my old p166 ,i unplugged it and threw it in the garbage