my notebook charger will not charge my notebook. is there a part i can just replace to fix it

You can replace the power supply and you can replace your motherboard. There is not a part of the motherboard that can be removed to just replace it. Its one whole piece. Will your computer still boot up and work fine, but just not charge? Or will it not charge or turn on at all?

yeaaa it would start up and everything but the charger was not charging it so the battery went dead and now i cant turn it on

ok well thats actually good to hear. Now its really impossible to say if it is the charger or the motherboard that is the problem, but the charger is the cheapest and easiest to try and see if it is defective. You will either need to find someone with the same laptop as you, and try theirs, or purchase one from a store or off of ebay. If this doesnt work, your motherboard will need replacement.

around how much would this cost and what is the exact name for it bc im gonna try to buy one off of ebay.

They are called either chargers, ac-adapters, or powersupplies. You dont have a friends you could try first?

i do but i do not want to risk breaking their notebooks to do it, i dont know to much about notebooks.