Problem with OKI C3530MFP

Frankly, in my opinion, the OKI service leaves much to be desired. Both in the deal to customers such as in controlling the quality of their product.
The point is that I have trouble with the driver of the multifunction OKI C3530MFP and sr. manufacturer has been unmarked because they perform tests on his laptop with the driver installed on the hard disk drive C:.
I have problems with the printing of Wordpad in a clean installation under Windows XP Pro on the disk drive N:.
Besides tell you of doing bad things do not take the trouble to investigate if the driver fails when the installation is on other units. Since the first call to the SAT (TAS) I felt helpless and warned continuously rather than supported.
I put a letter with return receipt and will soon demand, but I would like to know if someone has a multifunction like mine, and if the unit has managed to install on a different and how. Or if you have any evidence that may help me in this process.

On the C: drive it work for me the driver. I had to teach my original disks because above me say that what I have multiple partitions (I use partitions for work, leisure, tests with the computer .. .. ..). The coach said he is office specialist not a computer technician . The position of this manufacturer is that you got the blame for your computer system. I sent them a full report like "Everest" and a video with the problem reproduced on screen and the technician who came don't looak at it.

Thanks for any direction you have for me .

Excuse my language. I'm from Canary Islands

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As best I can tell the multi-function printer doesn't work well if at all.
As you stated you have several partitions on drive w/OS installed on all of them bear in mind that the installed printer driver ONLY works on the CURRENT partition that you just installed it on. If you want it to work on ALL of them then you'll have to INSTALL on ALL of them also.

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