I've have been given a HP/Compaq NC6000.

It didn't come with the original Power supply unfortunately.

I have a universal power supply I thought I would test it with before I shell out for a OEM one.

When the adapter is plugged in, the LED on the charger blinks rapidly and the makes a clicking


I am led to believe that this is probably caused by a short somewhere on the motherboard. I've

have taken the laptop completely to pieces. Tried the again with just the motherboard, but still

the problem persists. There are no obvious shorts however, no suspect components, no burning


It does have a battery, but either that or the laptop is dead, so I'm none the wiser as far as

that is concerned.

For what it's worth, the universal charger is known to be good with another laptop I have (an

Acer) and I have also tried another known to be good universal charger with my NC6000 and had

exactly the same symptoms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In my experience with this laptop, the battery is the vulnerable item. They go even on new 6000s - like it did on mine after a few hours. Then the thing is dead even with mains power provided.

This laptop is frankly awful and I hope you didn't pay much for it.