I am trying to see if an HP D2360 can be repaired with a blinking green light on the power switch. The printers properties box shows offline even though it should be online. HP support was contacted and the machine defaults were reset. Still no improvement. I can't find anything on the web. There are no error messages.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

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are all the cartridges secure? Have you left it unplugged for a day or so and then tried it again?

Thanks for your help Houston. The carts were secure and I left the printer unplugged overnight but the problem persisted. The contacts on the blackcart were dirty with ink so I cleaned them with tissue and alcohol but with no improvement.

I later discovered I was not receiving any error messages because the full driver from the CD including printer services was
not installed. It just had the basic plug and play driver loaded when I first connected the machine. When I installed all the utilities from the CD there was a clear error message that the black cart was faulty. When I removed the black cart the
blinking green light stopped and printed just fine with the colour cart.
Replacing the black cart with a new one should solve the problem.

I also found that HP support have a "Blinking Light" troubleshooting guide which is useful to know in the future.



Thanks again.

Kind Regards

Would you believe it! The black cartridge is now working fine.

I previously took out the black cart due to the error message. Evidently due to overfilling with bulk ink the contacts were dirty due to leaking ink.
I cleaned the dirty contacts on the side of the cart and also the contacts on the inside of the printer with a Q tip and alcohol and reinserted it but the error message still indicated a faulty cart.
Then I removed the black cart and put it in a plastic bag and returned the printer to my friend and told him to change the black cart to resolve the issue.

After a few days my friend told me he reinserted the black cart and its working fine.

I suspect that removing the black cartridge and leaving the printer off a few days helped the circuit board to dry out from contaminated ink. Another possibility is that leaving the printer with no power for a period of time somehow helped to stabilise it and clear the error. Useful to know in case of a future problem.

Kind Regards

Well the latest update is that I spoke too soon and that the black cartridge did indeed fail and had to be replaced and the printer worked fine after that.

Kind Regards

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