Hi I'm new here and this is my first post and really hope someone can help and sorry for asking something before even introducing myself but I'm very worried.

I have a Toshiba Satelliete Pro 4600 laptop and today I'm been scaning a picture for tomorrows exam, and restarted Windows (win98 since the scanner won't start on winxp). And then it didn't start again!!!

The Toshiba logo does not come up at all. If I can make it ot bring something on the screen then all I can get on is:
It made a light gray colored widescreen picture with a revised p and a triangle and a "/" on the left upper corner (these are blinking and colored blue), an "f" somewhere at the lowerpart of the screen and a square at the upper part of the screen(these blink too). Then it turns into little lines (I mean the gray screen) there's a line made of 2 red 2blue 2brown 2dark pink 1 gray 4 blue (from it restarts) cquares on top of eachother making a line and the remaining part of that line is gray. This type of line build up the screen then it turns back to gray. Sometimes there's more blue in the lines sometimes more red. I can not get over this!!!

Or it won't even start (same case on battery and cable).

What happened?????? And how can I get over this error?

Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!

If I wans't clear (I think I can not explain it more) then I can make photos of this and show ya those if that helps. If anyone have an idea plese do tell me!!!

Thank you in advance!

I'm not an expert, but my Toshiba laptop occasionally won't power up and I unplug it and remove the battery and wait 30 seconds or so and replace the battery and power cord and it resets it. May be worth a try if you haven't already.

Since you suggested so I've tried it and when I turned it on again it made strange sounds (those type my pc does sometimes if a cd is too scratchy)! So I checked if there's a cd in it or not, and it didn't want to open only with a needle! But then it did and I had my scanner's install cd in it! After that I've restarted it and now it works!!!! I don't know if it's because of the cd or some other Toshiba thing (like the one you sad you usually have) but now it works!! So thank you for your idea 'cause that was the way I've figured there's a cd in it and now works thanx to you!!

So: Thank you!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

wow tyanks, I was just giving up on my laptop and tried the old take the battery out and viola it's up and running again.... anyone use Carbonite backup software service... I think I'm gonna try it

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