I have a macbook that was given the ol beer in the keyboard treatment and went dark with a ghost image, before I bought it, leading me to believe that it was the inverter board had blown, I bought one online and replaced it but to no avail. The previous owner obviously had very little knowledge as they left a few screws out on reassembly but I don't think they should matter a lot. I could of course use it with an external monitor but kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop. So would like to get the display working without having to buy a new display. I cannot seem to find out if it is possible to replace the backlight, if this is the problem, or to find one for sale online, even on the excellent ifixit site.
If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful,
Thanking you,

The ol beer on the keyboard trick usually kills the logic board. Are you sure the logic board is good? Does it turn on? Do you get an image with an external monitor?

Hi, I can still see a faint image of a perfectly working os by holding a torch behind or in front of the display, just like on other older powermacs that had inverter problems that I fixed. I do not have the right adaptor for an external, dvi to whatever to try as they have changed. But it looks like it should work.

Hi the macbook does work with an external monitor. I am assuming that what is wrong is the backlight bulb, does anyone know if this can be replaced?