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I bought a case with a system fan already in place. It has the power connector but my motherboard has a system fan connector. My fan has a large connector and my mobod has a small one. This connector allows you to link with the cooling fan on the system case to lower the temp. What can I do?

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I found some info on this issue but Do you think the fan that came with the case would be good enough that I should get a 4 to 3 pin adapter and hook to my motherboard or do you think it would be best to get a new fan that already has 3pins? If so what is the quietest fan I can get? That is my biggest concern is quiet.

Why not just hook the 4-pin connector up to one of the 4-pin power connections that you'd use for a hard drive/ optical drive? That's what they're meant for.

All else fails, you could get a rheostat or a fan controller to control the speed of the fan.

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I know but then I lose the fan sensor. Not a big deal I know but...

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