I just got an external enclosure so i can get info off two of my old hard drives. It is working great, but i can't access my old documents (Documents and Settings\Owner). I think I might have had a password required at login on my old computer. is there a way around it?

Both drives have XP.

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Help? Don't let me down daniweb.

I posted this a long time ago, but I never figured it out. Can anyone help me?

Here's something I prepared earlier.... (you need to have admin rights)

Turn off simple file sharing under Tools->Folder Options->View (although I think this is WinXP Pro only).

Right click the folder in question->Sharing & Security->Security Tab->Add. Type in either your username or "Administrator" and click the "Check Names" button. It should complete the proper user for you. OK out, then give the new addition full access rights.

If there are numerous sub-folders (and there will be in Document and Settings) you will need to go into the advanced section and look into the "Permissions" and "Owner" tabs (e.g. Replace owner on subcontainers and objects checkbox for the Owner tab).

Here's something I prepared earlier.... (you need to have admin rights)

Here's something I noticed. On my external hdd, it had some indexing type name ({S1xxx-) ownership set under security settings -> Advance -> Owner. I assume this was left after the HDD was disconnected accidently. I changed this in root of the drive to grab all affected child files and folders. Hope this helps in grabbing your "Access Denied" Files in Windows XP SP2.

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I know this is old but thank you so much for your help on this Coconut Monkey! I was having the same problems and your suggestions were right on the money for me! :o)

p.s. I joined just so I could give my props to you!

You need administrator rights. You can try doing it on safe mode as you will easily get admin rights then.

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