For the past 7 times when I have booted up my pc has beeped twice in quick succession instead of once at the memory test stage and the windows opening stage. When my pc is fully booted I can only access my c drive and my d drive which is a 40gb hard drive used for storage cannot be found, I have tried everything I know of to sort the problem and am now stuck. This is a problem that used to happen intermitently about 6 months ago. I tried to do a drive test but even that doesn't say I have another hard drive. All my music, media and documents etc are on this drive. Has anyone got any ideas?

I would be eternally grateful if someone can help.....

Open your computer and check the ide cables and the power cables that connect to it, then right click on my computer and click manage, and under disk managment see if its listed there and if there are any problems, if need be you can reformat the drive from there.

Thanks for that, the ide cables are intact and the manage window in my computer does not show the hard drive, any other ideas?

Thanks in advance


Check and see if its listed in your bios. Can you hear the hard drive fire up when you turn on the computer? It might not be getting enough power. You might be able to change the jumper to get it to work. Thats about all i can think of, good luck.

thank you very much the problem is sorted. Although the power cables and ide cables seemed ok on closer inspection the power cable was evr so slightly out. I can now listen to all my music again and update my website. Thank you very much

No problem, glad to hear your problem is fixed.

open the system unit and remove and put the IDE cables and blow the system unit to romove dirts and power on the compuetr again.

make it clear to me is it one HDD which is pertained into two or they are two different HDD in one machine. if its one HDD try to locate in manage by right clicking my computer and then disk management. if they are two different HDD try to use another ID cable.

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