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1. I have the amd 64 2800+ with a gigabyte GA-K8NS pro mobod. CPU overclockin MHz. Should I leave this alone? Or can I increase it slightly without any ill effects?
AGP overclock goes from 66-100 mhz. What is your opion there?
I plan on leaving the cpu voltage an cpu vcore and other voltage controls alone for now. I am not a gamer but just want to know if I could see enhanced performance from the 2 above? Thanks.

2. Also what about the top performance section in bios? It is default disabled. Why would top performance not be enabled?

3. In the bios setting for halt on what is it best to set it at?
No errors, all errors, all, but keyboard, all, but diskette, or all but disk/key? Thanks.

4. Another question about integrated peripherals. Do I want usb keyboard and mouse support enabled or disabled? What would this do? And what about onboard serial ports. Should you go auto or what they have as default. Same question with parallel port and midi port address, irq, and cir port. Just curious if I should go with default?

I would just leave all of your BIOS options at their default settings!

1. Overclocking should not be dabbled with if you have no idea what it entails. Essentially, in this case, you are making the CPU run at a speed it was not rated to run at. Heat output will increase, and the lifetime of the component will decrease. I wouldn't worry about it, since your CPU is still pretty quick.

Leave the AGP speed at 66Mhz - any higher and you may experience instability.

2. Your components may not be able to handle "top performance" mode. This could entail more agressive memory timings among other things, which may result in system instability if your memory is unable to handle the new settings. Leave it as it is for the moment - I don't think it will make much of a difference.

3. Default settings.

4. USB Keyboard and mouse support can be enabled if you have a USB keyboard and mouse and wish to use them outside of Windows. Enabling them regardless will have no effect on your system. Leave everything else at default.

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Ok,one more long question about integrated peripherals. I am using a seagate barracuda 7200.7 st380011a ultra ata/100. If you really know please help. IDE channel 0 Master Raid - should I enable or disable? IDE channel 0 slave raid- enable or dis?
Ide channel 1 master raid- en or dis? Ide channel 1 slave raid- en or dis? Sata primary master raid- en or dis? Sata secondary master raid-en or dis? Serial-ata 2 (internal PHY) - en or dis? Onboard serial ata- en or dis? Serial ata function- en or dis? Onboard giag-raid- en or dis? I hope you can understand what I am talking about. Thanks for your time and help.

If your hard drive is plugged in, it's working and you're running Windows, then leave everything as it is.

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