Have a time computer few years old, running windows 98 with 128MB. Yesterday it was fine, and I did some housekeeping - removed unused programs, ran scandisk and error check and everything fine. Computer seems to start up as soon as switch on at the wall.

When I tried to start it up today, the computer makes starting noises and the red HDD light comes on and DVD drive light flashes, and after a few seconds the lights go off, but it is still chugging away. The monitor has a message saying "No Input Detected". I have tried it on a different monitor, and that one doesnt even seem to come up out of standby mode when the computer is plugged in.

Help? I dont know why it has suddenly all gone wrong and really need to fix it......fast!

Thanks in anticipation

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did you delete any files?
sounds like it could be your video card.
I am going to ask a dumb question
is the monitor plugged into the computer?
I am assuming you checked that and it was.
try a different video card.

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