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I need to flash the graphics card that I got from gigabyte and the only way to do it is in dos mode. I have never really done this before so please give me some info. I will extract the downloaded zip to my hard disk, then restart my computer in dos mode but in xp I must use a start up disc it says. I need to change the command prompt to C:\> and then begin to flash the bios by typing atiflash -p 0 filename then it says example (r955128d.f1 at the c prompt and press enter then restart. I am not sure how to make the start up disc in dos and really what to do in the command prompt. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You need to do the following:

1. Create a DOS system disk on a floppy.

2. Make sure is on the root level of the system disk.

3. Create the file config.sys with a text editor (notepad works fine). This tells DOS what devices are in your system and some of the settings you need.

4. Create the file autoexec.bat. This tells what commands will be done every time the machine boots on this disk.

5. Use the SYS command to write the boot sector on the floppy disk.

6. Change your BIOS to boot from first the A drive, then the C drive.