Sir my computer is just restarting by itself.Someone informed me to slave my harddrive so i have done that but still there is no change.
The problem is that when i log in my computer it rerstart by itself.

Could you please give more information? (when it restarts, what programs you are running when it restarts, etc) I would say you have a virus, but I can't know for sure until you give a little more information.

Boot into safe mode. Go into control panel, then into system. Under startup and recovery (called Advanced System Settings on the left in vista) make sure that "Automatically Restart" is NOT checked and that "Write an Event to the system log" IS checked.

Next time it it should give you a BSOD instead of just rebooting. Post the error number shown here and we can help you.

I just checked it now. The problem is that when you open a document, file, or anything it will shutdown by itself in a few minutes time.So you will need to turn the CPU on again,and it will continue with the same problem. I have slave and scan the hard disk but still there was no improvement. I am not sure wether it is the mother board or the power supplier which is causing this problem.Thank you.


Did you do what i said by the way? That way we can rule out whether its a driver or HW issue

go into safe mode and disable all the startup processes and programs, this way we can rule out any buggy software and then concentrate on the hardware, also start up the pc with minimum hardware(1stick of memory, onboard graphics,one hdd etc)

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