Hi, everyone. I am in the middle of getting the parts together to build my first desktop PC. I am mainly purchasing the parts from NewEgg.com and I have come across a certain "problem", if you will.

As part of a combo deal with my ASUS P5Q motherboard, I received a Rosewill 750W Extreme Series power supply. When I went around checking out the reviews, I found that a little over 60% of them all stated that their units died a little after a year, or they immediately fried their machines.

I ask anyone who has built a computer with a Rosewill Power Supply to give me feedback on the reliability and endurance of these units. I'll gratefully accept any comments or feedback concerning this.

I stronly do NOT recommend this Power supply. i've never had any problems with electronic or computer components within the first id say year of operation - after that some things begin to experience wear or etc etc.

I bought this pSU in November because of a combo deal with a Gigabyte board. It worked flawlessly the first month, until last night when I went to turn it on, it popped, sparked, and began to smoke. Fortunately it appears none of my other components were damaged - but as you will notice now that PSU by itself is discontinued from newegg - coincidence? i think not.

I too bought this PSU in November because of a combo deal with a Gigabyte board. That was 11 months ago. This morning I had no power at all. I checked the power strip and it appearded to be faulty. I switched it out and turned it on at that moment I thought that I blew a Fuse! It POPPED, SPARKED and Smelled like it was on fire(The PSU that is). OMG! I just hope that It didnt fry my Motherboard, CPU or Video Card. I have no way of telling until I replace the PSU. Needless to say, I dont think Im going to get another one of these.

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