Connecter question with Digital Doc 5

I just got the digital doc 5 and the fan connectors are i think a 3 pin and all of my fans have the big 4 pin style connecter what adapter do i need to buy. I have looked buy can not find one i am sure will works.
Thanks in advance!
Mustang: biggrin2:

The 3 pin ones are for connecting to motherboard headers - they support fan speed control and temperature sensing whereas the big 4 pin ones (molex) are really meant for bigger fans and disk drives and dont support speed control (thats what the yellow wire on the 3 pin connector does - the red/black are just plain power)

Considering the Digitial Doc 5 is all about controlling fan speeds, and monitoring temperatures, then you are out of luck. No may to make it work with 4 pinconnectors.

4 pin fans support speed and voltage monitoring. That is what is 4th pin for (not the molex, jbennet).
There is no adapter that can provide you with voltage control feedback. You can either replace the fans in question, or disable voltage monitoring in BIOS. Usually, 3-pin fans can be used instead of 4-pin fans, but you'll have to check each pin if it is connected to the right wire (not recommended, but possible).

the big 4 pin style connecter

sounds like a molex to me

has the same issue in my dell. They have no motherboard fan headers at all, only molexes for the drives

Ohh, I missed that..

I have one like that (old-school fan) in my rig as one of the chassis fans. It is connected to short peace of "extension chord" (to my best description) with both male and female molex connectors, so there is absolutely no need for any kind of adapter.

No control, no monitoring.. just plug-n-play, so to speak.