Hey to all the good folks at DanniWeb !!!!!!!!!!!
I have a Emachine, T1740, with Windows Xp Home Edition on it.
I'm lost when it comes to dealing with drivers and hardware that won't install right.
This computer was givin to me. It was loaded with a few viruses and had issues I couldn't even begin to explain, like.....wouldn't copy or paste, freezes up, etc...
So, I put a fresh copy of Windows XP Home, on the computer and started over.
I had to go to Emachine website to get a few drivers and I'm still having problems with a couple small issues.
When I go into Device Manager, there is a listing called PCI Modem, that has a yellow "?" mark beside it. I downloaded and installed the driver that Emachine said to.
When the " Found new hardware" box popps up, and says that it found new hardware, I click to install the hardware but I get the next box saying that " The wizard could not find the software on your computer for PCI Modem".
I'm not sure what the PCI Modem does, but I know I can't get the computer to hook up to the internet either, though I haven't tried very hard.
Any and all advice is highly appreciated !!!!!!!

After trying to download the drivers and get it to hook up to the internet, it just started working. All is well.

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