Hello, wanna buy a laptop but firstly I would like to gather some info about these laptops, soooooooooooo the first one is this one http://www.itbankeurope.com/info.php?part_number=G70S&lng=en&w=2&s=10075988 since im a casual gamer I would like to know if it will play the recent games out there.
second one http://www.itbankeurope.com/info.php?part_number=LX.AFM0X.022&lng=en&w=1&s=10088687

I dont know which one is better, in quality/price, so please help.

You're right to ask - albeit you're in the wrong forum part. But no matter. You'll likely get a lot of conflicting advice so I'm glad to have got in first.

We should approach this from the issues you need to consider in your choice. It's not straightforward.

Check the games you want to see how they make use of multi-core systems. Some games support 2 cores only; some support more than 2 (e.g. Quad). No point getting a Quad unless games you want can use it.

If the games you want don't support Quad, 2.0GHz Quad is considerably worse than 2.5GHz Dual if the other speeds are the same (which they aren't). The Asus has a slower memory feed speed than the Acer, but IMO, the Asus will still be faster on non-Quad supported games. But, the Acer has DDR3 memory which suits the Nvidia card very well.

The Dual SLI board will take a 1GB chunk out of your main memory. Pity it's not on the Acer because you can set games to favour the CPU poeer on the Nvidia rather than the laptop.

The issue arising out of #3 above is main memory. Both laptops are limited to 4GB, according to their specs. IMHO, you would want 6GB or 8GB with an SLI graphics card and that means Vista 64 bit. We run the COD and WOW games on a Quad with 8GB and 64bit OS no problems and WoW, according to my son, uses the processors.

So here's my recommendations:

Don't buy either of the two you listed. Find a laptop that will let you put a 64 bit OS and go up to 8GB RAM. Toshiba? If you MUST, I'd go for the ASUS but 4GB limit on RAM will get you in short time.

Do go for 1066MHz FSB and try to get 2.4GHz or faster CPU.

Quad is fine as it'll service both Duo and multi-core games.

Hope that advice helps.