I have a DELL INSPIRON 6000 notebook. It has RAM memory of 504mb. I would like to upgrade it to 1 gb or 2 gb. But my question is if i buy a 1gb RAM,can i still keep my 504mb one.ex-Will both the 1gb and 504mb RAM work together?making it 1.504gb RAM?or i have to change it completely if i want to upgrade..please let me know

I have this RAM installed-512MB, Shared DDR2,400MHz 2 Dimms, Inspiron 6000

Do i need to buy exactly same model to work both of them together?because i seem not to find the exact model :(

If its DDR2 it should really be installed in matching pairs in order to get the best perfirnace

At the minute you probably have either one 512mb stick or two 256mb sticks, and your graphics card steals 8mb, leaving 504mb

check out www.crucial.com - go into your machine and choose 2 piece kits on the left

Your system can support 2gb maximum of either PC2-5300 or PC2-4200. The 5300 is faster but more expensive.

two 1gb sticks of the PC2-5300 DDR2 RAM is only £20 (like $35) and will yield the best performance. you can buy off them , good site.

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